Turning Archive 2007

ca glue fumes

>I have been working with doing stone inlays in some of my turnings. I have been using starbond CA, thin variety. I had been using my Milwaukee sander to take the inlay and built up glue down to level of the wood. I got a bright idea a couple of days ago to use my hand held 4 inch makita grinder, that is mostly used to grind down welds on metal, with an abrasive disk to sort of rough grind the stone and built up CA to almost level with the wood. It works like a charm, is much faster and with a light touch you can avoid marking up the wood. I then used my regular sanding routine to finish grinding off the stone and glue and for final finish and polishing. The problem is that when I use the grinder, there seems to be an almost choking amount of fumes of some sort that are released during grinding. It really bothers my eyes and I can feel it in my throat. I use a shop wide dust collector with a cone as close as I can to the point of grinding and wear safety glasses and a 3m dust mask. Is it increased heat from the grinding that releases the fumes? Is it a smaller particle size that is released? If I got the odorless CA {at twice the cost} would that take care of the problem? Anybody have any experience with anything like this? Thanks in advance Jared

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