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Natual Exterior Burl (gimlet?) bowl *PIC*

Jeff from MA
>This is a bowl I turned from a (gimlet?) burl cap, it's a little more than 18 inches rim to rim. Unfortunately, the original burl cap didn't have a lot of structure in the center, so I couldn't core it for another piece. :( this also prevented a straight forward faceplate mounting.

I put a little thought into how to get it safely mounted on the lathe. Two main challenges; first the burl is pretty heavy and started off, and finished, way out of balance; second the open structure of the burl made it unlikely that I could get a anything to screw in and safely stay in place.

What I ended up doing was ended up securing it to a large mdf disk mounted to a faceplate to turn a foot so that I could grab with a chuck. After the foot was turned I sat the foot in about 1/2 inch of quick setting epoxy to fill the gaps in the wood so I could compress the chuck on the foot without it crushing. After hollowing out the center I reverse turned the bowl by gluing another large tapered round disk to the original piece of mdf that was still on the faceplate, this was to hold the bowl in the center. And then I used about 1/2 of a spool of plastic flat twine to keep the workpiece tight against the mdf disk.

Hope you like it.

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