Turning Archive 2007

Difficult to dry crotch figure? *PIC*

Dave Belser
>The photo shows some white birch crotch where I attempted to cut out the figure into a 3x3" square blanks (one is turned round). I'm a little surprised at how badly the drying went. Both blanks were coated with anchorseal all around. I have a fair amount of experience (mostly successfully) drying wood. With this birch, I was attempting to have small blanks that would be entirely crotch/feather figure when turned.

It's a little hard to see from the photo (color balance is off), but the wood just blew apart along the feather lines in the figure. Is this a notoriously hard thing to do or did I just mess up this time? Is there some special technique for drying just figured wood? Is it reasonable to try to cut a blank just from the figured area from a crotch?

The one thing that I know was not a good idea is that this tree came down in a storm during September and as I remember, we had had a lot of recent rain. It's possible that the wood was just way too wet to begin with.

- Dave

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