Turning Archive 2007

I've been a bad boy...

steve antonucci
>I went to the Somerset, NJ Woodworking Show yesterday after sitting with my accountant to see what this year's tax return looked like. I had a happy surprise when I found out that I was getting my biggest tax return ever, so I told everyone that we could all buy something (2 kids, wife and me...)

Money burning a hole in my pocket, I wandered into the Lee Valley booth. I don't do a lot of flat work any more, but I do enjoy a finely crafted hand plane, so I started messing with their stuff. Next thing you know, 2 of them followed me home.

I can't wait for the A2 low angle block plane and the cabinet scraper shave to show up in 10-14 days. The shavings I took yesterday with a plane that had been subject to 1000's of hands (of varying degrees of skill) made me giddy, and so I just had to buy it.

If I hand know that the gent's saw was only $18, it would have also been added to the mix...


P.S. I suppose this qualifies as a gloat!

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