Turning Archive 2007

OT Temperatures

David Breth
>Tuesday will be the first day in many weeks that we'll get above 32-degrees. In fact, the first day we've been out of the teens for several weeks. Winter took a long time to get here, but certainly made up for lost time. Today it warmed all the way up to 20. Balmy. My wife asked me to grill a steak outside. I do what I'm told. I was out there as the sun dropped and the temperatures returned to about 5. Perfect. I gave her the plate with the steak on it. She told me the plate was freezing. No kidding.

10-day forecast shows all melting-snow temperatures. I can't wait to NOT HEAR THE FURNACE coming on every five seconds. Dollar bills comes shooting out of the air vents constantly. The heating bill will be ridiculous this month.

I've got some wood underneath a few feet of snow that needed to be prepped into blanks before all this started, but it will have to continue to wait.

Hope everybody else is enjoying more moderate temperatures.

David B.

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