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Random orbital sander (long)

David Walser
>There are two air powered random orbital sanders that I am aware of that might be useful for use on turnings: the Grex AOS368 - 2" 105 Angle Random Orbital Sander and the Chicago Pneumatic 7200S Mini Random Orbital Sander. I'm currently using an electric drill for power sanding. A random orbital sander would make sanding scratches less noticeable. Besides, it would be a new tool! The question is whether my 1.5 hp - 8 gallon air compressor can power either one of these effectively?

Having found the manufacture's website for both sanders, it appears the Grex uses 2.2 cfm at 90 psi -- something a small shop air compressor should be able to supply. (It would be noisy, unless you could put the compressor in a cabinet to deaden the sound.) The Chicago Pneumatic uses a lot more air: 21 cfm "under load" and an average of 10.5 cfm (no mention of psi -- if you have to ask...?). It would seem the Chicago Pneumatic requires more air than a typical small shop compressor would deliver.

Here's links to the two websites:

(Chicago Pneumatic)

Here's links to the sanders on Amazon (so you'll have an idea of the cost, they're available elsewhere):

(Chicago Pneumatic)

Anyone have personal experience or thoughts they'd care to share?

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