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Bob Fawcett - Glad you like it! *PIC*

Dave Belser
>I've been looking for a confirmation that you received my exchange piece but it's been such a crazy week here I missed your post.

Here is the photo I sent to the exchange email, after I took it I noticed a tiny bit of torn grain on the holly top so I swapped it for another:) If you haven' t figured the species out yet they are (left to right):
Cherry (umbrella top), Mango, Olive, Macadamia, Chestnut and Holly. The "finial" is in the shape of a top just so you don't forget what's inside! An interesting point about the Mango and Macadamia is that they are turned from pen blanks that I won as a door prize at the WC luncheon in Louisville when we met at the AAW symposium this past summer.


- Dave

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Bob Fawcett - Glad you like it! *PIC*
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