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A month of hollowforms (PICS)

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I've had my Jordan hollowers for about a month now and just for kicks thought I would show what I've been up to. After a month of use, I really like the feel of the hollowers. I LOVE the handle. Ruth was right in that it is sort of a hard rubber foam thing, but it is very comfy. I am getting the hang of using the swan neck and find that it can be very useful. Again, I am really impressed with these tools and think it was money well spent. You can be really agressive with them and hog out material or you can do some really refined cuts as well.

Anyway, since I got them back in early January, I've done these pieces. 4 of them are just rough outs, but the others are finished pieces turned from stock I'd dried here in the shop. Well, except for the collars and the Kuari wood.

Here's the same basic grouping, but with a ruler in the foreground. The biggest pieces in the back are about 6 inches across. All the ones in the back were turned from very wet maple. It was a living tree on a Friday and I got the wood on a Sunday and starting turning that Monday and did those 4 in short order.

In the bottom picture, this the wood types. The 4 unfinished ones in the back are all soft maple. The others are (L to R) maple with rosewood collar, maple burl, box elder with bloodwood collar, Kuari, burned ash, box elder with blood stain. Yeah, well about that blood stain. I was using a small homemade hollowing tool on the inside just under the lip and it caught and spun the tool out of my hand and pinched my thumb between the tool and tool rest. I heard the "CRACK", thought "drat" and turned off the lathe to check for damage. I didn't realize my finger was bleeding and got blood on the piece. The piece was ruined anyway, so I went ahead and wiped the blood off my finger on to the piece. Trust me, the piece looks a lot worse than my thumb. It wasn't much of a cut, but it bled a bit.

I really like the box elder one that made it and the burned ash piece. I think those are the best on the table so far.

Thanks for taking a peek :)


Really liking the hollow forms in Apex, NC

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