Turning Archive 2007

Earls home made lathe *PIC*

Earl Kennedy
>I made this lathe for the same reason I turn bowls.I just like to make stuff.Didn't need it and it sure will not compare to my 3520 PM.I have not turned any thing on it yet.It is ready but still sitting on the pieces of pipe that I move it around on.May try it out tonight.It has a whopping 30inch swing but only 1 1/2 hp motor.A turning blank that is 12" and out of balance will probably make it walk all over the place.With the jack shaft I have all kinds of spidle speeds.From real slow to wow.It is just over 50" long.I used 3x3 box tubing for most of it.I fixed the tool rest so it locks down with just a twist of the leaver.The tail stock will lock with a wrench.May modify it so it is a lever operation later if I like the lathe enough.It is a east thing to do.Hope to fix it so I can stick wheels on it so it is easy to move and use as a demo lathe.I used all new pillow block bearing and put new bearings in the motor and it runs really quite.Also I can use all my tool rest that fit my PM.All the alignment of the bed,head and tail stock came out a lot better than I had hope for.I built the bed first and then every thing else was built to it.Really as good as some of the factory made lathes.I was just lucky on this.It was a fun project.I worked about a month on it.Any questions or comments are welcome.Yes I know the pictures are not great but if you look you can still see the lathe.

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