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Exchange arrived

Bob Fawcett
>I just got home and my wife said "you have a box from New Hampshire".
My turning exchange arrived from David Belser. Its a great little mahogany box with 6 small finger tops inside. Dave calls it "Six Box Tops". The tops are made of chestnut, cherry, holly, olive, mango, and macadamia. So far I have identified 2 for sure, and a couple of maybes.
The box is about 3" diameter and about 2 1/2" tall. The walls are no more than 1/8" thick and it has a nice suction fit. I can almost lift the box by the finial on the top.
Thank You David Belser.
I hope I get to keep the tops in the box, but my wife was eyeing the box.
I haven't taken a picture yet, maybe David has one he can post.

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