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Exchange piece received and mine was sent on Monda *PIC*

Anthony Kennick
>Thanks so much to Kurt Krauter for the beautiful Mesquite Burl fountain pen. I haven't had a chance to take a photo so hopefully he sent one in.
I also sent my exchange piece west on Monday. Attached is a picture. I cheated somewhat and added a puzzle I made from walnut (no turning invovled) but I think is fun anyways. The baron rollerball is made from a piece of acrylic I got from Woodcraft (I think). I need to work on my photos. Thanks again for offering the Turning Exchange. As I told the person I sent this pen to, I am going to make an attempt to be a better participant in the forums as I have been a lurker for several years now! This is a great site.

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Exchange piece received and mine was sent on Monda *PIC*
Thanks Tony!
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