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Exchange piece from Bob Moffett *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda
>in Burlington, NC

Yesterday when I went to mail my offering, the post mistress handed me a box, in the picture you see what came out, an exquisite ornament made out of maple dyed forest green, the globe, and the polar caps and icicle out of hard maple, the polar caps are textured.
I never had in my hands such a fine piece, it weigths nothing! the icicle is very long and has a captive ring on it! tiny. I am in awe of the skill needed to create such a long and thin spindle, this piece reminds me of the french "trembleurs". The whole thing is very graceful and came with a stand to boost. Besides being a joy to behold, it is also a pendulum and oscilates a long time.

Thank you Bob, you just raised the ante and will help me to better my turning skills.

smiling in Stonington

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Exchange piece from Bob Moffett *PIC*
Re: Exchange piece from Bob Moffett
On its Stand *PIC*
Great score Jorge -- nice piece !
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