Turning Archive 2007

latest segmented piece *PIC*

Bill Youngblood
>A couple of weeks ago I asked about lacquer finishes. I got several answers as per usual on this board. I tried a few different sprays and finally tried Deft brush on lacquer. It is great. No mist. dries relatively smooth and only 2 or 3 coats needed. Here is my latest piece. It had several, 5 or 6, coats sprayed on and then 2 coats brushed. I hit it with 400 and then 600 paper and then rubbed out with automotive rubbing compound. I will definately be doing more using this system. The piece is made up of Bocote and Kingwood totaling 768 pieces. It is bottomless so can be shown standing or laying horizontal. Now that it is finished, I am going to work on John's photo booth. Thanks again for all the answers and help. Comments are always appreciated.

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