Turning Archive 2007

Phase two of an earlier posted bowl *PIC*

Wolf Kiessling
>This is phase two of the 13 X 12 inch catalpa bowl I started several months ago. Previously I posted the completed phase one which is an Indian head surrounded by a mandella.

This wolf head is located directly opposite the Indian. Again, no kind of finish has been applied to this piece. That will be done when all four phases are complete.

The wolf head turned out to be somewhat problematic as I had never done one in relief before. Matter of fact, I had never done any type of animal in relief. Eventually I figured it out and will have an easier time of it if/when I do more animals in relief. All in all, I think it turned out okay. The eyes were painted with acrylics but the remainder was done strictly by pyrography. This was necessary in order to achieve the texture that I desired.

If you wish, feel free to criticize or comment…………

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