Turning Archive 2007

I Would Just Like to Say......

>I would just like to say that I have had so much fun watching the goings on with the turning exchange this year. It's been so fun to see what everyone made and to see the reactions of the recipients. I'm bummed that I didn't participate this year. It's been so great to see the new members of this forum that had been sort of residing in the background and not posting so much, come to life and really start to participate and post pictures of their work and contribute to the forum making it a better place. I would like to applaud everybody who participated in the exchange. From the organizers to the makers. Also a huge thanks to Ellis and WoodCentral. Without this amazing place to congregate, exchanges like this would not happen. Can you imagine a paper magazine organizing this? Noop. One more reason for everybody to offer up a nice little donation to WoodCentral to keep this great place humming along.

Again, great job to every one, the work that is being exchanged has been fabulous! Even though I didn't participate, it's really been a fantastic time watching all of the fun.

Bravo everyone!


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