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Turning Exchange received! Wow! *PIC*

Carole Valentine
>I received a big package today from George Van Beynen. Couldn't wait until I got home to open it (and Alan, the postmaster, wanted to see too) so we opened it up in right there. What a beautiful yellow birch bowl! This baby is almost 11" x 4" and only weighs 11.4 oz. according to the official USPS scales. It is exquisitely executed and finished! But wait....there's more! Four dry roughed out Ash bowls for me to play with! (George knew from a WoW post that I wanted to experiment with liming wax on Ash) No wait...there is still more! A CD containing a ton of photos of George, his lovely wife Phyllis and their family, the incredible home they are building themselves on Long Lake from timber they are harvesting and milling with their Woodmizer, shots of George's shop and new Great White and some of the 1800 roughed out bowls and hollow forms he has to finish and beautiful scenic shots of the area including local flora and fauna. George is a man of many talents, and he is definitely no slouch in the photography department! I wish you could all see it - this slide show made my afternoon. It was almost like going to Wisconsin and visiting the Van Beynen's and if I am ever able to travel, Wisconsin is definitely going be a priority stop! This what the Turning Exchange is all about - getting to know our fellow turners, and George, you did it right! Thank you so much! My photo is not nearly as good as the one you posted (which I somehow missed until today), but I will post it anyway.

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Turning Exchange received! Wow! *PIC*
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