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One received and on headed North

Jay Kilpatrick in TX
>I received my exchange gift last Friday. I promised myself I wouldn't open it until my piece was done and boxed. Well, after a week of 20 - 30 minute sessions (lots of work, sick kids, newborn in th house, wah, wah, wah...can I get some cheese? :~), I finally finished it last night. I'd show you a picture, but I'm pretty much a dunce at editing photos. So if Ron or one of the other generous benefactors who did the set up would like to resize it, then feel free to post. Otherwise it will be on the exchange website in about 8 days.

So, Thank you Cyril for the lovely cherry bowl which is sitting next to the piece I got from Ed Karch last year; and look out to whoever is North of Texas. He's actually an excellent turner, and I may have to buy one of his pieces just so he won't feel 'taken' when he receives his/my 'piece' in the mail.

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One received and on headed North
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