Turning Archive 2007

Digital Camera help?

Carole Valentine
>OK, I need a new one. Anyone get one recently that they are overjoyed with? There are so many choices out there that my mind is totally boggled from looking. I am leaning towards the Olympus EVOLT E-500. Anyone have any experience with this camera? Pros? Cons? I have looked at reviews but don't know which one's are "compensated" or otherwise prejudiced. As you know, I need something to take pictures of turnings, some of them very small. I want to be able to have good manual control - aperture, shutter speed, white balance, focus. Depth of field is important to me. I would like to have shake reduction, which this camera doesn't have, but it is not necessary all turning shots are done using a tripod. I now absolutely nothing about lenses - that is all greek to me! I am wondering about a minimum focal length of 2 Ft on the E-500? Does that mean you can zoom in, but the camera itself needs to be 2' or more from the subject? Duh...the more I read and look, the more confused I get. By the time I pick a camera, it's going to be out of production! BTW...my budget is $800 or so.

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