Turning Archive 2007

International Woodcentral Gloat *PIC*

>Brad Vietje and I got together today to take a short trip to Jamaica, Vermont (close to Peru, VT) to visit with a fellow woodcentral member visiting from Iquitos, Peru. Wally Lloyd came to our neck of the woods to dismantle a building sized kiln for shipment to their operation in Peru. Many here will recognize the name of Jim King. Wally works with/for Jim in Iquitos in a blossoming enterprise. We spent a couple of interesting hours over lunch with Wally.

Iquitos is in the Amazon basin, in the heart of the jungle. No road reaches the city (of several hundred thousand souls), and it lies two thousand miles from the mouth of the Amazon, yet is only about 350 ft above sea level. Jim is venturing into the wood export business, and finds that many of the trees that are being cleared for reasons of agriculture and have no value to the locals other than for charcoal/burning would be treasured by folks like woodturners. Jim has posted numerous photos of turnings they have completed from these timbers. The kiln that Wally is dismantling is a monster that they are shipping to Iquitos to process their unique timber in preparation for shipping to the US markets. Wally dropped a casual hint that these timbers could show up at such vendors as Woodcraft, so stay tuned.

Wally brought a major cache of turning blanks with him, and generously just gave them to Brad and I. To say the least, it is a major wood gloat. My sincere thanks go out to Jim, and Wally who carted them up to Vermont, through customs and all that involved. Visiting with Wally was very pleasant and interesting. Wally is originally from England, very near Wales, and had interesting stories to tell, including how he wound up in Peru. Brad and I get together occaisionally, and that is always pleasant. We recently spent a few hours cutting up a Box Elder Burl and turning a piece.

I posted a couple of photos of our haul, and one of the three of us. I'm in the middle of bathroom renovation, but hope to put one of those pieces on the lathe soon.

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