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Thank You Ellis Walentine !

Brad Vietje
>Saturday's mail brought me quite a surprise -- a beautiful burl vase made by none other than our fearless leader, Ellis Walentine! Its about 6" tall and about 3" wide, and ~1/8" thick with a very delicate, small foot, and its a stunner. Great figure to the burl, which EW describews as a very hard, unknown wood. Looks a lot like Sugar Maple burl -- could that be it ? I not only have an Ellis Walentine original(!), but a hands-on original of his beautiful rose signature branding iron.

Just after I closed the door on the mailman, the phone rang, and it was Mike Foster, from this messageboard, who got the play-by-play as I opened it. Mike and I were arranging to drive down to southern VT to visit with Wally Lloyd, a co-worker of Jim King's, who's up from Iquitos, Peru (more later with wood gloat!). What a small world it is...

I'm exceedingly pleased with the gift, but I don't have a photo yet -- wish I could show off this beauty ! Ellis, do you have one ? I can try to get a good shot Monday, if not.

Safe spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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Thank You Ellis Walentine !
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You're welcome, Brad *PIC*
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