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I give up on Keltons

>I have spent the last six months...an hour or two at a time...trying to hollow out a Siberian Elm vessel. The wood is totally dry and it's coarse. But I wanted to try a one inch hole and I've been working carefully. Even bought a Oneway bowl steady.

Well, I just can't get friendly with these Keltons. I get a screeching sound (and have from the day the tool was new) the minute the blade touches wood. A high, screechy vibration is really what it is. I've tried everything from raising and lowering the rest to tilting the blade but while I have moments I just can't get a smooth or comfortable cut with this tool. And it beats me to death.

This morning I got a "catch"...surprisingly the only bad one Ive had since beginning. But the mouth of the HF was chewed up....maybe even cracked.

Not wanting to dump my work and the hollow form, I cut the hole from one inch to about two inches.

At that point I could comfortably get my Sorby Hollowmaster in there and...it was like I knew what I was doing, all of a sudden!

My cutting was smooth and fast and I was dern near relaxed--despite that ever dangerous square edge on the bottom of the shaft. I have used the Sorby to make a very sweet apple vase and a big leaf maple hollow form that had an ebonized persimmon collar. I think I posted photos of both on this forum.

I can do this...with the Sorby, but I can't find the edge with the Keltons.

If anyone can suggest a tool that will run as smooth as the Sorby in a one inch hole, I would appreciate the recommend and the advice.

In the meantime, my Keltons are up for sale--driven only on Sundays by a little old grey haired bootmaker. Perfect condition, no rust, low miles.

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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