Turning Archive 2007

Introduction and question

Randy Johnson Connersville, IN
>Iím new in this area. Iíve got a nice set up for flat projects, but at the present time the only lathe in the shop is a Delta mini that has seen very little use. So far, one small bowl and a few plugs and stoppers for powder horns. The bowl was made yesterday with the new chisels bought at the Cincy Woodcraft yesterday afternoon. Prior to that the lathe had not been even plugged in for over a year.
I think that may be about to change. Iím looking at various lathes. The new addition will probably be a Jet 16-42 with the zero speed ability.
While suffering sticker shock over what a good lathe costs (let alone what a GREAT lathe costs) I realize that it will cost a small fortune to get the tools needed to use the new toy. It seems that one area where a cost corner can be cut is by starting out using a faceplate and glue block in lieu of a chuck. The first question of what will probably be many is....
What glue is used for the glue block method? Please use brand names and not just a generic term. Iíve started reading up on the subject and one thing that caught my attention was a reference to separating the block from the project by turning off the lathe and using a chisel and mallet. None of the joints Iíve made in flat projects are going to separate that easily, at least not cleanly. Is there is something about this method Iím missing?

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