Turning Archive 2007

Purchased a Powermatic 91 today.

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>Yesterday, I answered a "Craigslist" ad for a Powermatic 91 lathe. This morning I met with the owner, a stair maker in Oakland, and I purchased the lathe. It has the reeves drive, which works smoothly, a new single phase motor, overall it is in very good condition. The spindle runs true and is quiet. (screwdriver to ear stethescope test) I think I now have a good foundatiion, in this machine, to later add a VFD system. I'll need to sell off my old Atlas and the Jet 1236 I recently got to make space for this beast.
Hmmm,...this is going to call for a new larger scroll chuck and a new adapter for my present small Vimarc chuck. Great,the money drain continues....

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