Turning Archive 2007

Wood gloat! Longish and a question *PIC*

Steve Kubien
>Before class this morning I decided to trip down to the city timber stash (prior to them mulching it). I spied a 3ft diamter maple log lying on its side, maybe 8-10ft long. From the distance I noticed a large bump along the top. I says out loud to no one in particular, "Man, I've gotta get a chainsaw!" Turns out there's a guys a few feet behind me and he pipes up, "Mine's in the car. Want some help?" Nice people are great to find!

Ten minutes later I am rolling this beast out and over various other logs and stumps. Judging by how I used to be a powerlifter, I guessing 250-300lbs. Pretty tough to get this in the trunk of a Saturn sedan!! Measures 26" wide, 19" tall (in the photo) and 17" deep.

Seeing a though I only have a mini lathe, how would you chunk this up? Can I turn burls while green or is this a bad idea? I am certainly open to rough turning a few things and then letting them season.

Thanks for your help and for letting me share.

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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