Turning Archive 2007

Catalpa Bowl *PIC*

>Hey everyone,

Here's a bowl that I turned from Catalpa. I'd never even heard of this wood until recently. Last October Terry Quiram had some at the Indy Fest he was peddling so I snapped up a piece to try. When I got home that evening I noticed he had tossed a second piece along with a few other hunks of yummy wood, in the back of my truck. I thought the wood fairies had come over night! Thanks again Terry! Catalpa is wonderful wood to turn. At first it looks plain and disinteresting. Almost like pine or something but when you cut into it you know it's special. I gave this bowl a simple shape and decided to add just a hint of detail to the rim and then left the texturing tools and the burner sit idle for this one. Sometimes a bowl just needs to be a wood bowl and nothing more. This one fit that bill I thought. This bowl is about 8" diameter and 3.5 deep. Finished with Watco only. I'm not happy with the photo on this one though. It's got a hint of pink in the background that I'm not sure where it came from? I bought a new light box that is much bigger than my previous one so I think I may be short on light now?

Terry thanks again for turning me on to Catalpa. I may try to sandblast the next one and see what happens. It looks like this may be perfect material for that.

Any and all comments welcome as always.


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