Turning Archive 2007

**** Exchange Deadline Approaching ****

Ron in Drums PA
>This forum has been really actively lately and it is great seeing all the pictures of the really outstanding turnings everyone is producing. I've been swamped at work and haven't posted much lately (so call me a lurker) and I really want to take this opportunity to give a thumbs up to everyone for doing such a great job.

Please remember, the February 13-17 deadline is this coming week!! I still need 31 more photos of your turning for the website I'm setting up.
You can send the images to exchange07@gmail.com

Also, please remember to email us when you ship or when you receive your turning. It's really easy for me to miss an announcement if it is just posted here on WC.

Keep an eye on the List Of Participants for updates and let me know if your information is correct. This is a good place to check to see if we received your photo.

If you notice a problem, please email us at exchange07@gmail.com

This is turning into a huge success. Thanks for your participation!!!

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