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I got mine today *PIC*

Doug Leite
>WC Bowl exchange, that is. Today, the mailman brought me this box from far East USA, Kennebunkport Maine, to be more exact. WHen I saw the pic earlier in the week, and Jack Savona said that it was being shipped to someone in the western USA, I secretly hoped that it would be as far West and South as it could go and still be in the USA. Well, guess what? Beautiful Maine Maple natural edge bowl that is beautiful. Jack, as we say around here "much mahalos, bruddah" and thanks to your wife for also having good taste. Jack also enclosed a very warm letter and discription of the wood and bowl. You're a very special guy.
Now, I must finish up a little curly Koa hollow form that has been drying for a long time for someone quite far west of me should get by this time next week.
Aloha to all of you.
Doug Leite

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I got mine today *PIC*
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