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Follow up to my Spindle question yesterday

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hello again.

So I read all your responses from yesterday regarding proper use of a skew chisel. That for all the responses by the way.

I went home last night and put all your advice to work. I had a lot better results. The one suggestion that I think helped quite a bit was to slow the lathe down. I put it at its slowest speed. That also lowered the intimidation factor a bit... I don't know how you people stand behind those massive chunks of logs when making big bowls... yikes.

Anyway, the handle below will do. I tried doing a couple beads and stuff - it's all for learning. It's almost done. I got a little excited last night and removed it from the lathe before I was ready to, but it's getting there. I have another one to make yet. It will be made from walnut. I have two Doug Thompson bowl gouges to put into these handles. I'm dying to give that a try!

I've used this little lathe more in the past week than I have the entire 4'ish years I've owned it. I really need to build a dedicated stand/table for it. Using it on my work bench has it up way too high and it takes up too much room. It's all coming together though. Soon I will be able to take a stab at a bowl. Well, I do have other stuff I gotta get done first too. Like the dreaded MIL table...

Thanks for all the help! I'm sorry, but I'll be back...


Here's the whole thing -

This is towards the working end. I have some small brass fittings that will be used for the ferrel.

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Follow up to my Spindle question yesterday
Re: Follow up to my Spindle question yesterday
Congrats -- Looks great ! *NM*
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