Turning Archive 2007

Got the Jet 1236 Aligned. Pic1 *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>I did the necessary filing of one of the pivot alignment slots and shimmed the headstock up by .025" using the white plastic shim stock from McMaster-Carr. The vertical alignment was off by ~.022", but all I had was .020" and .025" plastic shim stock. After locking everything down the diff. is .0016". This will do for me. Jamie is correct about these pivoting headstocks and I won't be rotating this one anytime soon.
This day was a bit bad because we had a DISH tech here upgrading our system (trust me not a gloat) and he cut the wrong wire too short which lead to a lot of extra work. On top of that my wife had a heating/cooling guy come in to measure and give a pitch and quote on a new heater and AC.

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