Turning Archive 2007

Please Post Wood Central Address

Barry Irby
>I need to send in a donation. Things have been tight for me lately and I have been a bad boy, not paying to play. Someone pointed out that Wood Central is more informative and more entertaining than any of the Wood working Mags, and Its true. So I shall be sending a check.

Actually, I think I can find the address myself, but I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage some of the new names I'm seeing posting here to participate in supporting WC, too. Some of you have been looking and learning a long tome and know you got more help here than from FWW or some of those other paper rags. I for one really appreciate the new blood and new ideas and pictures. So letís help Ellis keep this place going. And Yes, some of you old timers who feel a sense of proprietary ownership can kick in a buck or two also. Donít let these new guys hold you back.

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