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Chainsaw repair question PIC

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I probably should have sub-titled this one as a "stealth gloat", but I really do have a repair question first.

The chainsaw I've been using is a Husky 141. Long story short is that one of the two nuts that hold the bar on has somehow become stuck in place and I cannot remove it. It is like the nut is just fused somehow to the bolt. This story involves loaning the saw out and an attempted repair made in good faith. I've no problem with the attempted repair and in fact, it will turn out ok for me in the long run :) To the problem, when I try to turn one of the nuts that hold the bar in place (loosen or tighten), the entire bolt stud rotates as well! I suspect that the nut was not the same thread size as the bolt and was forced on, but I don't know for sure. Clearly, though, something is stripped inside. The other nut/bolt works fine, but I am surely not going to run the saw with only one of the bar nuts tightened down. The one that causes the stud to spin is not even tight against the bar. If I loosen the good one, the bar is very loose. This has been an OK saw, but has given me a few other problems, but none of them have kept me from using the saw until now. So, I need to know how to get that stud out. Hopefully, I can do this without taking the saw completely apart?

Sooo, long story short (and an early happy ending) was that this latest mishap with that saw and the fact that I had some birthday/Christmas money left over convinced me to go ahead and pull the trigger on a new Stihl 250!! :)

After playing with the Stihl a little bit, I really like it. It cuts smooth and seems to run like a champ. I went with the 18" bar on it. No complaints so far at all.

Still, I would like to make the attempt to fix the Husky myself. Brand new that saw was only around $200 and I would much prefer not to spend that much again in a repair, so I would like to try it myself. So, if you happen to know how to get access to the bar bolt and get it off, or could offer advice, that would be great!

Thanks in advance,


Somehow ended up with TWO chainsaws in Apex, NC!!!

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