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Beale buffing system

C Yawn
>I have been reading, and viewing, with interest the results of wax buffing turned items as a final finish. Pretty sure I will be getting the Beale buffing system. I have their catalog and have read about the different types and attachments. Ya'll got any tips, tricks or traps advice on using this finishing technique?
Some questions I would like read about:
Are there any other brands of buffing systems to consider/avoid?
I envision using the buffs for all types of turning (spindle, goblets, bowls, platters) - looks like I will need the flat and rounded buffing wheels?
Which is more useful - the three-wheeled lathe-mounted buffs or the 3 wheels on separate shafts?
Is there a hand-held technique that works? Like leaving the turned item on the lathe and chucking the buff wheel in a drill.
Thanks for the help. Charles

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