Turning Archive 2007

Desert Woodturning Roundup in Mesa

David Walser
>Seeing Wally's post, below, reminded me that I wanted to give everyone an update on activities associated with but not sponsored by the DWR (how's that for waffle words?). The organizing committee met last Saturday and allow me to sit in. If I got everything down right, there is an informal social planned for Friday evening at the sports bar across from the Mesa Convention Center (right next to the Marriott). Then, Saturday, there will be an informal swap meet in the parking lot of the Mesa Convention Center. This will take place after the last round of demonstrations and before the banquet. I had thought the social on Friday would also include the opportunity to swap wood, but too many people said they'd not be able to make it on Friday.

So, there you have it. At least, that's the way it is until things change (again.) :)

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