Turning Archive 2007

Exchang Piece *PIC*

Scott in Falcon
>Hi all,

I'll be the first to admit that I signed up for the exchange looking forward to it and feeling quite confident that I met all of the requirements set forth in the rules. You see, I've been turning for a couple of years, but don't get near as much time at the lathe as I would like to so I still make more scrap than acceptable pieces. But, I would make a piece that was the best I could do and be happy to pass it along.

I then read all of the lurker threads (I say this warily so as not to bring the subject up again) and I started having doubts about my qualifications. I'm no where near the quality of turner that many on this board are. I actually got to the point that I thought about withdrawing my name from the Exchange. But I didn't want to cause headaches for the guys running it, so I held off. I took a couple of deep breaths and went back and re-read the rules for the Exchange. I still qualified! :)

With all that being said, here's my Exchange piece. It's a 6 inch diameter Cherry plate with a Padauk stand. I sure hope that the person back East that it is on its way to enjoys it as much as I do!


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