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Anchorseal and roughouts

Roger T
>Morning all,

Just came into a monster tree, and have begun the process of breaking it down and roughing down bowls and end grain blanks. This wood is all frozen and heavy. As I have been working this down, I have been throwing them in a pile and at the end of the day, slathering them totally with anchorseal.

Am I asking for trouble here? With all the trapped ice/moisture in the wood? Most recommend to only anchorseal the end grain, but most of these pieces have crotch figure and end grain is everywhere. I have been using the 10% rule for roughouts. With being totally covered is there still a need to paper bag these or can I just put them up on a shelf and let time do the work. With just leaving the anchorseal on the entire piece, roughly how long will it take to eventually end up at equilibrium?

I know, lots of questions, but after all this work I dont want to end up loosing all of this wood.

Lurk mode back on. :P


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Anchorseal and roughouts
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