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Intentional Warping Follow Up *PIC*

David Breth
>A couple of weeks ago, I posted a message about intentional warping, got some advice to what I had already experimented with, and continued my experimentation.

At the time of those warping posts, I had this guy drying, and thought I would let you know how I did this, as I was super-pleased with how it turned out. (Though please note, I am perfectly happy to accept any criticisms, 'cause I'm looking to get better).

This was a sealed over branch that looked like a small burl. I cut it off and let it start drying after anchor sealing. Not sure how long it dried, probaby two months. As I turned it, the branch center popped out. I suspected that might happen, so I made sure that part was not the center of the bowl, or else I would end up with a lampshade instead of an interesting inclusion! It wasn't an issue, but - always wear your faceshield.

I turned it to about a quarter inch thickness, as evenly as I could considering the rather squared exterior bottom. I can't quite describe the shape I turned....the exterior edge is actually a bit lower than part of the interior of the bowl. Kind of like a vase top that flows way over and cascades down a little bit. My thinking was that the branch, shape, and thickness would lend themselves to creating a cool warp.

I sanded it to finish (600 3M for me), then paper-bagged it with its' own shavings. Let it sit for a month or so, looking in on it periodically because the suspense was killing me. Decided it was dry enough at some point, lightly sanded to the little raised fibers, and started finishing. Minwax Antique Oil Finish, probably seven coats before I was happy with it. (Recently I've been putting a coat of deft on before the oil, but in this case I opted not to. Seems to have left more red in the wood).

Interested in your thoughts. I've turned another one since that was also a sealed over branch (hard maple) and therefore also has the hole, slightly different shape. Looks pretty slick, with some feathering. Could become a habit!!

This piece is maybe six or seven inches diameter, the maple one slightly smaller.

Sorry about the terrible photograph on the sideview.

David Breth

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