Turning Archive 2007

Reverse chucking a hollow form *PIC*

Carole Valentine
>Seeing Jen's post about cutting it close when she was parting off a small hollow form prompted me to take some pics that might help some of the beginners save some knuckles. (Jen is an advanced turner and she likes to live dangerously!) If you never throw away your chuck "orts" (leftover pieces from the chuck), you can use them to reverse small hollow forms and finish off the bottom. I have a whole box of these that I use constantly until there is nothing left of them. Just throw one in the chuck, turn it round and shape the cone part to fit your vessel. If the piece wants to slip, it helps to put a small piece of rubber or leather with a X cut in the center over the tip of the cone. I have a parting tool that has been ground at a slight angle rather than straight across which allows me to part the piece with a concave bottom. I usually take it down to about 1/8" then use a little saw to complete the parting. The nub is quickly removed with a small carbide teardrop bit in a Dremel, power carver, or similar tool then sanded. The little vessel in the pic started life as a 3" cube between centers - no glue block, faceplate or woodworm involved. The tenon on the chuck ort was turned to allow the neck of the vessel to fit snugly but rest on the shoulder of the tenon. This method is for light cuts only and be careful not to put too much pressure on the tailstock to avoid cracking a thin vessel.

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