Turning Archive 2007

Turning Exchange *PIC*

James Fox
>About a week ago, I posted a picture of a small bowl made of “mystery” wood. Thanks to all who sent pictures (particularly one by Gary Evans), and descriptions of other wood, the best estimate (I won’t call it a guess) was that the wood was elm.

This is a companion piece to that little bowl. Both came from the same “chunk” of wood from the San Antonio brush collection site. It is also my exchange piece. It’s 7 inches in diameter, 4 ¾ inches tall, and approximately 1/8 inch thick. The finish is Formby’s Tung Oil (actually a wiping varnish and it’s debatable how much tung oil it contains).

The bowl is headed north (like that’s a clue—heck almost everywhere is north of San Antonio). I just hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I did making it.

Thanks again to all for your help in identifying the wood—I think =)


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