Turning Archive 2007

Colored Ash *PIC*

>Hi All,

Well, here's what I call a "test piece". I've been wanting to play around with some color on my turnings after being so inspired by people like Art Liestman and Doug Fisher who are true masters at using color in their work. As you can see, I've got a long way to go, hee-hee. I'm not sure Ash is a good wood to learn coloring on. I also acquired a new tool called an Air Body saw that Trent Bosch introduced on one of his videos. I'ts like a mini sawzall. I used it here to cut the opening of the piece into a triangular shape instead of the traditional round opening. I used Prisma colors with a wash of blank ink for color on the body and then black gesso around the opening. The designed around the vessel was burned in. This one is a bit on the odd side. I'm not real fond of it. The colors just kept changing from one to the next. I've even called it ugly. I'd love to hear what you all think of it though. Be brutally honest please. My skin is thick as a Rhino's :) Eww!

Thanks, Jen


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