Turning Archive 2007

Future stupid questions

Ron Hildreth, Alta, Iowa
>Hope you guys here on the turning board are prepared for all the dumb questions I'll be asking in the near future. BUT--you only have yourselves to blame! Through all your posts, I've became interested! I've been a regular on the woodworking board for a while, and been a woodworker for about 30 years, but never have done much turning. Out of boredom one day a few months ago, I decided to see what was up here on the turning board, and have been a lurker since. Intrique and curiosity has made me decide to try my hand at turning. Presently I have a home made midi lathe that's hard to find parts for, and has seen better days, so am looking at buying the Grizzly G1495 as a good "starter" lathe.
Soooo, be prewarned about anything I might dream up, as turning will be a relatively new adventure in woodworking for me, and I'm going to have lots of questions, I'm sure! Should be interesting!

Ron in Iowa

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