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Digital photo woes...

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

I'm curious what anyone with a website is doing to setup for digital photos that they post on the web? Are you shooting at a low resolution like 1 MP and then optimizing for the web at 72-dpi, or are you shooting at a high resolution like 8 MP and then optimizing for the web?

I have four digital cameras, a 1MP unit, a 7 MP unit and an 8.3 MP unit, plus the still images from the video camera. When I shoot at 8.3 MP and convert it to a .jpg and then optimize it for the web, there are too many artifacts, especially on photos that have text.

Is it better to shoot at the lowest resolution you can, or the highest before you convert to .jpg and then run it through a web optimizer? I'm using Photoshop and I also have Photoshop elements. It seems like every photo is different and needs lots of tweaking with the quality to get it down low enough for a web page.

I'm trying to keep my photos around 10K or less if possible (for the web pages and my blog pages), but that won't work with text in the photo sometimes, like the label on a can of finish for example. So, what is anyone else doing? What is your specific shooting and optimizing protocol? Thanks for any assistance and best wishes to you and yours!

P.S. I sure wish John Lucas lived next door... :-) Hehehehe!

Steve Russell
Eurowood Werks Woodturning Studio
The Woodlands, Texas

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