Turning Archive 2007

Sort of turning-fixed metal lathe

john lucas
>I spent the whole day modifying an off brand tool post system to fit my Smithy metal lathe/mill. I know this is not wood turning but it will lead to making new things for the wood lathe. I'm so excited about the possibilities. I'll be working on the metal spinning tool rest in the next week or so. I have to figure out how to cut threads with this thing to finish that project.

I was able to repair an old flex shaft machine. It had an odd length cable and I couldn't get a replacement. I built a short extension for the cable insert that holds the cable to the motor. The old spring cable had brocken and was too short to solder back in the holder. My extension worked perfectly. Kind of like the chuck question below, one can never have too many flex shaft machines either. Changing bits is like changing chuck jaws, it slows down the flow. When your carving you want to keep moving while you have the concept in your mind.

I also repaired a brocken light stand by milling a flat surface so I could drill an angled hole through the supports and legs to replace the brocken plastick pins. It's just too cool to be able to do things like that. I guess machinist's who do this for a living probably take it for granted but it opens up a whole new realm of fun for me.

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