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Was I Fooled! *PIC*

Jack Savona
>When I opened the Priority Mail box, all I noticed was a return address from Ameritrade and the banner "A Gift for You" running along the bottom. Was I puzzled! I've done business with Scottrade and thought that Ameritrade (not knowing I have next to nothing in online stocks) was out to woo me. Then, when I saw this unbelieveably beautiful wooden bowl inside, I thought Ameritrade must have really thought I was loaded and sent me this beautiful piece of wood art! This was absolutely impressive. I tried to think of why they would send me an embellished woodturning....

Woodturning? DUH!

Then I saw the signature on the bottom of the bowl, looked at the address label more closely and realized I had just received a fantastic Exchange turning from John H. Williams of New Hope, PA. How stupid can I be? (Don't answer that!)

Now for my Exchange bowl. Wow!

John is apparently on vacation, so I was unable to get some questions answered about the bowl. I assume it's maple with milkpaint (?) inside and copper paint in the side carvings. It's sized 3 1/2"H x 5"W and demonstrates that sometimes no-finish is the best finish. Flawless sanding. There is a softness and quietness to its shape, feel, grain-flow and color that invites a holding and stroking. It fits perfectly in the hands.

I received it about a week ago, but didn't want to post it until I had a photo. This one came from John.

The turning now occupies a prominent place in my home and gets wonderful comments from everyone who sees it.

Thanks, John! And thanks to the WC Exchange organizers!

Jack Savona
Kennebunkport, Maine
(Where'a all the snow this year?)

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