Turning Archive 2007

Crotch Shot *PIC*

MIke from St. Clair Shores
>Well I've been working with some birch that a friend gave me after he lost 5 trunks 2 weeks ago in an ice storm. This piece is about 7" by 11" and about 3" deep. The natural edge birch came off, but the cambien layer is pretty secure. The crotch has quite a bit of figure. I pulled this piece out of my truck on tuesday of this week. I was at a friends house with some other turners and since this was the only piece that wasn't segmented in his super clean shop, I suggested we turn this one. It was very green and we were able to show several new turners some basic bowl turning cuts. we really had fun sending those chips flying. So far just about 5 coats of Mahoney's oil finsh.All comments welcome.

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