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New Jet Mini Lathe *LINK*

Tommy Holmes
>Jet has their new mini lathe for sale on Amazon for $199.99. They have added indexing and arbor locks. Could not find this new lathe any place else. Sounds like a good price if you are looking for one.....or not looking for one and get it anyway:)
Jet - JML-1014I:10"X14"Indexing Mini Lathe
From the Manufacturer
This New JET Mini-Lathe replaces the popular JML-1014. Without changing the basic reliable lathe, Jet has added arbor locks and indexing. This lathe is a powerful cast iron machine for smaller projects. The headstock is driven by a 1/2 HP motor with six speed selections to choose from and comes with several accessories included that are optional on other machines. This model is also machined on the tailstock end to accept the JET 20-inch bed extention that is available. The Mini Lathe stand #708354 and the bed extension #708355 will still fit this new Mini-Lathe.

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