Turning Archive 2007

Advice for making a number of identical bowls

Charles R. Smith
>Can you offer some hints or tips to a fairly novice turner who wants to turn a dozen bowls for his daughter. I'm not certain how to make them all exactly identical. (Perhaps the word 'exactly' is redundant when used with 'identical'.)

The configuration or shape is rather simple (6 3/4 in diameter, 2 1/4 inch deep), to match her china pattern. I was going to make a template using a tracing profile gauge (i.e. Lee Valley part 44K14.02) I have a supply of wet wood and so was going to rough turn them prior to drying and final turning. I was thinkinng of making a prototype series in London plane, and then doing the definitive series in either cherry or plum (since those are the woods I have, and they were free!). Comments or suggestions? Thanks so much!
Charles in Victoria (who hasn't turned on his table saw since buying a used General 160 a few months ago)

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