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Exchange offering....gone international *PIC*

Chip in Plano
>My exchange offering has blasted off to another continent. I was unprepared for an international exchangee. It's a simple Mesquite bowl. It started life at Christmas 2006 as a HF-wannabee. But I couldn't get a design right so I put it aside lest I ruin it as usual. I figured the design would find me rather than me dictating it. I knew wanted to send a native wood but only had mesquite and texas ebony on hand. The ebony was a little wet and the mesquite was dry so the choice was simple given the short timeframe. The shape found itself with the help of the sapwood, bark inclusion and a void that magically appeared in the middle. A hollow form would have lost all these qualities. Part of what I love about turning is the mysteries that get solved. This piece was very easy to turn the 2nd time around I don't remember any catches at all. The only mistake was I signed it 1/2006 instead of 1/2007 and didn't notice it until I was writing my note to the recipient. One of these days I'll build a photo booth....I've had the plans for at least a year.

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Exchange offering....gone international *PIC*
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