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Another form of Duplication *PIC*

Peter Hyde
>I came up with this way of duplicating these balusters as they are turned from high density blue styrofoam. As you can see from the CAD picture in centre there were a lot of details required. I used a full size print to cut 1/4 plywood patterns that were sandwiched between 2 pieces of 3" foam. They were turned on a General 260 at high speed and roughed out with a skew. As soon as I heard the "click click click" I new I was at the desired profile and then finished with 120 grit sand paper. They will be finished with "pig poo" and stone texture paint.
!5 balusters that will be part of a stone railing at the back of a set and only seen through some french doors. Ah the things we do to make theatre an illusion.:-)
The first attempt was using solid styrofoam and there was not enough strength in the narrow parts so it disintegrated during sanding.
Size 25" high x 6" diameter
Date Taken: Feb 1 2007
Place Taken: Scenic Construction, Shaw Festival, Virgil, Ontario Owner: Shaw Festival

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