Turning Archive 2007

Uh-oh! Turners' Hand

David Breth
>At work, I got this new fancy-pants computer that will allow you to use a fingerprint swipe instead of a password to log in, etc. Not exactly a critical function, but I wanted to try it out, and off and on for a few weeks I've been toying with it. Found the software completely unresponsive.

Today, a computer guy walked by, helped with a few things on the new PC, and I asked about the fingerprint software. He set it up to where I would swipe in my fingerprint three times. Machine was unresponsive, as it had been for me. He took a look at my index finger and said "I don't think you have any fingerprints." I said "Get out of here." and looked at my right index finger. I don't have any fingerprints, or rather, I do, but you have to look really, really closely to see them. I'm going to have to use my left hand.

Thus is the price of hand sanding on the lathe I guess. Actually, I'm guessing it is a combination of things. I hand sand on the lathe, and I'm sure the dry wood desperately sucks the oil out of my hand. I finish off the lathe, typically with Minwax Antique Oil. I apply it wearing gloves, but wipe it off without gloves because the gloves leave smears. So, I get a small amount of oil in my fingers, which I'm sure is readily absorbed by those thirsty guys.

So - Turners' Hand. I think this could be a license to kill, and even leave the murder weapon at the scene. "The murderer is in the room. Nobody move. I can't tell you who killed the butler in the parlor with a candlestick, but I can speculate that the candlestick was turned by the guy who committed the murder. Everybody rub your hands together. The one that sounds like sandpaper is the killer!"

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