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I got a little carried away. *PIC*

Bob Way, Canton, MI
>It really was just going to be a day of some playing around and experimenting. Actually, itís Carole Valentineís fault. Before the first of the year she posted about mastering the use of a ring tool. Some of her determination rubbed off on me to do the same with a Termite tool I had, but never tried. A free Saturday and a piece of left over walnut seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

It went far better than I expected. Then one thing led to another, and what I ended up with were a bunch of ďfirstsĒ for me. I dragged out a drawing of an idea I had done with other materials and a different scale in mind. My lid turning needed a little tweaking. Itís not a suction pop, turnerís lid, but it fits just about dead on without any sliding around in the opening. First lid Iíve done that I really like the fit. Next, something to lift it with seemed fitting. So, first finial Iíve ever turned. Well, second one. I did the first to shape, then thought Iíd try another with a little embellishment. The rest was done to finish prototyping the drawing for evaluation purposes.

Anyhow, my little trial and error efforts ended up with this piece. It is walnut and hard maple, 3Ē wide by 6 ĹĒ high overall. Finish is one coat too many lacquer.

I am a new product development guy by day. For every successful idea Iíve ever aired there are far, far more unsuccessful ones. So, I would appreciate your thoughts and comments, and I hope you will appreciate that I will not be offended, nor put on the defensive, by them. Itís a continuous improvement thing Iím working on.

I do enjoy this forum.

Bob Way

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